One of the goals of the Divorce Resource Center for Women is to make sure every woman is getting the support they need while going through the divorce process.  During my personal journey I found an incredible support group at Trinity Church in New Orleans.  We were a diverse group of 6-8 women.  We all had very different experiences, but could empathize with what the others were feeling.  More importantly, we could be there to listen and care for each other.


What kind of support group do YOU need?


The DRC is ready to help develop whatever type of support group you need during this time, for example: 

  • General support, 
  • Children of divorce,
  • Divorce involving domestic violence,
  • and financial stress during divorce.


Go to the to CONTACT US page of the website and let me know your thoughts.  We will work together with local therapists to create the support groups that will offer you guidance and understanding.