I recently was scrolling through my personal Facebook account and came across a post that a friend of mine had commented upon.   This friend of mine is an excellent writer, so I tend to stop and look at the posts that have caught her attention.  

This post was written by a women who had gone through a divorce and had some excellent points which personally hit home.   I contacted the writer of the post and asked if I could share her thoughts on my blog.    

A couple of housekeeping notes before you read:  1) I have changed names and edited a little to protect her privacy and that of her ex-husband and sons.    2)   I have debated whether it is acceptable to post something that is religious-based as I do not want to turn off any readers who may not follow the same beliefs.  My desire to post her greater conclusions outweighed any concern I had.  I feel that her main points can be translated into every kind of faith/belief structure.  I hope you do to.  

A Facebook Re-Post:

It is said, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him the plans for your life.”

1. Being a divorced single mom was never the plan I had for my life. God has shown favor and mercy on the boys and I through the MANY trials we have faced. I stand in awe of an AWESOME God.
“All things work together for Good and “My grace is sufficient for thee.”

2. No matter what the past history, hurts, disappointments, or circumstances you may have endured, there is a time and a place to leave it behind and move on to what really matters. Forgiveness. It’s not about you.

3. Your children don’t care about what you do for a living, how you dress, what car you drive, what you look like, or what material things you can give them. They aren’t aware of your insecurities, your pride, your feelings of inadequacy, failure, imperfection, or lack of accomplishment.  All your children want is YOU. They want your TIME. They want your ATTENTION. They want your EYES looking into THEIR EYES. They want to know they have SECURITY and LOVE under your care.

4.  My ex-husband and partner for 20 years name is Greg. The circumstances of our situation are not ideal. But he is the father of our two boys. He loves them very much. They love him. He is very sick and the doctors have been unable to turn it around. I beg for your prayers for his physical healing. I am broken.

As you enter into 2015, will you harbor bitterness? Will you continue to hold a grudge? Reality is, that which you hold on to only affects you. It’s time. It’s 2015. One day that person may not be around anymore…then what?

This is not what I planned…but to God be the Glory…I know He will use all of this for good…somehow.

 If you would like to share something you write about Divorce and Women, or have any comments on this post, please contact me.    I would love to hear from you.  And thank you V for sharing this post with us.