In the March 2016 edition of Real Simple Magazine, the authors created a great list of books for children on a variety of tough topics from divorce to family diversity.   I have recreated the list of books listed for Children and Divorce, and Children and Remarriage, as they have highlighted some incredible resources for kids.   Books are always a great way to initiate a conversation with your child about sensitive topics.  

One of the authors below – Anastasia Higginbotham –  also wrote a short article about her book highlighting “The 5 Things Kids Wish Adults Knew About Divorce.”

(This list is also included in the website LIBRARY, along with links to Amazon the buy the books.)


WAS IT THE CHOCOLATE PUDDING?:  A STORY FOR KIDS ABOUT DIVORCE, by Sandra Lewis.  (For ages 4+)   No, splattering pudding everywhere didn’t make Mom move away.

ITS NOT YOUR FAULT, KOKO BEAR:  A READ_TOGETHER BOOK FOR PARENTS AND YOUNG CHILDREN DURING DIVORCE, by Vicki Lansky.  (For ages 3-7)  Another one to reassure kids that they aren’t to blame – with tips for parents in the margins.  “Young kids always gravitate towards this book because it has bold colors and it’s sort of funny,” says Molly Jardiniano. 

DIVORCE IS THE WORSE, by Anastasia Higginbotham.  (For ages 4-8)  Although children are often told, “It’s for the best,” it rarely feels like that.  This frank book follows kids and parents dealing with everyday life (washing dishes, vacuuming) while feeling angry or sad. 

DIVORCE:  THE ULTIMATE TEEN GUIDE, by Kathlyn Gay. (For ages 14-18)  The book addresses both the practical logistics and the emotional effects of divorce, with plenty of vignettes and examples.


DO YOU SING TWINKLE? A STORY ABOUT REMARRIAGE AND NEW FAMILY, by Sandra Levins.  (For ages 3+)  This answers little-kid questions about not only new stepparents but also siblings, too.

THE INVISIBLE STRING, by Patrice Karst. (For ages 3+)  For kids who go between homes, this send the message that they can still feel connected to their parents regardless of whose house they are in.

BIGGER THAN A BREAD BOX, by Laurel Snyder.  (For ages 8-12)  A powerful novel about 12-year-old Rebecca, who moves with her mom to her grandmother’s house after her parent’s divorce.  A magic bread box that grants wishes makes things better – but then more complicated.