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– Brian Tracy

Web Resources

We have gathered a variety of Web Resources which deal with the divorce process.   Please let us know if you have any additional pages we should link!


This site offers a good discussion on divorce mediation.

Offers articles on divorce and collaborative divorce, plus helpful tools and a listing of collaborative divorce professionals.


This site offers a good discussion of collaborative divorce, as well as listing collaborative divorce lawyers in Connecticut.

Useful site for information on collaborative divorce in New Orleans including provider listings.


Child support enforcement in Louisiana.

East Baton Rouge Family Court website.

Louisiana online child support calculator.

A comprehensive resource for interpretation and application of child support guidelines in the United States.

Great links to other resources for kids

National Association of School Psychologist website with information on supporting children through divorce.

Resource for children in divorce.

Tips for parents on how to talk to children about divorce.


Thorough list of 50 tips for women who are going through a divorce.

Authors list of 10 things she wished she had known BEFORE her divorce.

11 tips to help women prepare for divorce.


Discussion of divorce financial planning including a link to 13 Big Divorce Financial Mistakes Not to Make in You Divorce Planning.

Article focuses on what one needs to do post-divorce to get your finances in order.

Blog written by a Divorce Financial Planner with any articles regarding the financial issues of divorce, including Five Best Tips Financial Tips.

Women offering information for other women on divorce finances.

15 costly mistakes made during divorces


Great tools and articles.

General resource and information, child support calculator, divorce inventory tool, and good book list.

Offers a short divorce course and divorce services to help fill out your divorce paperwork.

A good site providing state divorce laws, worksheets, articles, and resources.

This site offers state and province specific divorce information for the United States and Canada, along with extensive articles and support.

Offers legal forms, a state-by-state resource center, bulletin boards, and related family law resources.

Provides free articles and information on all aspects of divorce, as well as a professional referral section.

This is a huge site with discussions on specific divorce laws, articles, message centers, and resources.   Includes The Women’s Rights Manual for Divorce.

Associated with, this site has a comprehensive listing of information on all aspects of divorce.

Provides divorce guidance, document preparation, mediation services, and an extensive divorce bookstore.

Offers Louisiana-specific resources and information.


For couples who have an amicable divorce, this website offers the ability to input information and have a legal divorce document produced for $299.

2012 article discussing the pros and cons of online divorces


Searches for divorce support groups in Louisiana.

Article on how to support a woman going through divorce.

Psychological and emotional aspects of divorce.

How the Womens’ Independence Network can help women going through divorce. 

Chat site about marriage and divorce.


Article on how women can thrive after divorce.