What We Can Do to Help You Navigate Your Journey

Exit #1


Let’s Talk.

You may know what you need. You may not. You may be confused and frozen… or ready to roll. Wherever you are in your journey, we would love to hear from you.

Exit 1 connects us through a phone conversation to explore what we can do to either join you on your path or to help guide you to the next step. We are here to listen. Let us be there for you.

Call us at (504) 533-8663

Once we chat, and if you need more guidance, then we can then meet at Exit 2 – creating your personal game plan.

 Exit #2


Let’s Create Your Game Plan.

During an in-person meeting, we will break down our phone conversation into individual main issues and goals. By the end of the session, we will have developed action items to provide achievable steps toward your goals.

Once you have had time to consider your path, check out Exits 3 – 5 to see what else the DRC can do to support you and keep the process moving smoothly.

 Exit #3



Custom-Tailored Assistance and Support.  

We know that your needs at this time will be varied. 

  • Will you need an attorney?  We can explain the different ways of achieving divorce and then help match you with appropriate lawyers or mediators who match your personality, goals and budget.
  • What other professional services will you need?  If you believe you would benefit from any other professional services, we can help develop your TEAM by connecting you to:
    • Divorce lawyers
    • Mediators
    • Collaborative Divorce Professionals
    • Therapists/Counselors
    • Support groups
    • Financial advisors
    • Tax advisors/CPAs
    • Realtors to relocate, to buy, sell or rent
    • Packing and moving companies
    • Locksmith services
    • Security services
    • Private investigators
    • Lawyers who specialize in updating wills and other legal documents
    • Career and life consultants
    • Parenting experts
    • Insurance Advisors.
  • Will you need someone to help you navigate the legal process?  We will work with you and your professional TEAM to assure that everyone understands each other and maintains a focus on YOUR goals, to help you understand what is happening every step of the way and to track the progress to make sure that the process stays on an appropriate timeline.
  • Do you know what your budget is?  Every woman going through this process must know her budget.   We will conduct an in-depth look at the pieces of your financial puzzle to determine what you need to get through, what funds you may have to pay professionals, and what your goals are for after the divorce.  
  • Do you need organizational help?  You will be asked to collect and assemble paperwork and/or documents for various members of your TEAM. We can assist you with organizing your files to present them to your professional TEAM in an immediately usable format so the law firm(s) or CPA will not have to charge you for sorting through paperwork, bills, and emails.
  • Do you need an advocate or a shoulder to cry on?  One of the DRC’s goals is to help our clients remain objective and tough throughout the divorce process. We will also be there for you if you need a pep talk or someone to talk to, to hold your hand, and to be there for you every step of the way.


Exit #4


Post-divorce help.

We will help you implement the paperwork and manage interaction with your professional TEAM post-divorce. This may include transfers of assets, name changes, changes of beneficiaries, trustees or owners of wills, trusts, retirement plans and life insurance policies, and any other support you may need as you build your new life.

Exit #5



Social Support

“Individually, we are one drop.

Together, we are an ocean.”

– R. Sataro

Whether you are facing separation, divorce, or post-divorce, the company of other women who have walked in your shoes is important.  We would like to provide you the ability to take part in informal get-togethers, such as coffee outings, walks, book clubs, speakers, or whatever else the members of the group would like to develop.