Ways to Support the DRC and Women in Your Community

Maybe you have been there and done this. Maybe you do not want another woman to feel alone, or without representation or services they need.

Whatever your motivation, we are thrilled to have your support.

We need volunteers. Women who can give some time to reach out and help other women.

  • We need PROFESSIONAL volunteers who would be willing to donate PRO BONO TIME for the many women who cannot afford the help they so desperately need. Even a couple of hours a month would make a significant difference.   If you are an attorney, therapist, CPA, Financial Advisor, or any other professional who can offer services to our clients, we need your expertise to assist women who otherwise are left to negotiate this process or even quit because they do not have the money to move forward.  These women may just need someone to look over their files or financials, or have someone to talk to get through a rough spot.
  • We need active, organized women to help our clients organize coffees, walks, movies, book groups, or whatever other SOCIAL SUPPORT the members would like to have.  This would be a minimal time commitment that would make a large difference to our clients.

We need FINANCIAL SUPPORT!!  The DRC is a certified 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation, therefore any donations will be tax-deductible.   Donations will be used for a variety of services to help our clients:

  • We are looking for an office space to lease where we can make a home for our Center so women can have a consistent, safe place to come for meetings and support,
  • We would like to create special funds so we can support women who need help with court costs or other legal services,
  • We need funds to help cover the expenses to keep our center running.      

If you can give of your time or pocketbook, please contact us to discuss how you would like to support the women in your community.  We need your help!

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